Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions
1- When you register on our portal, all your personal and financial information is encrypted and kept completely confidential, and it is not available to anyone other than MENUAPP employees to view it except when you request that yourself.

2- We never sell your personal information, including your e-mail in the first place, but some of your information may be used to send our offers only and communicate with you, and you can request to stop sending these offers at any time.

3- Bank financial deposits that are more than 90 days old and their requests have not been implemented due to the owner’s failure to communicate with us by phone, direct personal attendance, or the ticket system approved by the MENUAPP service, they are considered null and their owner has no right to claim them or claim any Service from MENUAPP.

4- In MENUAPP, we use “cookies” on customers’ devices, in order to ensure the safety of communication and interaction between us and them. We use “cookies” only in the process of entering and exiting the customer from the control panel of the system and its applications.

5- In MENUAPP, we are committed to protecting the domain names registered through us, which are still in our account, and are affiliated with one of our clients.

6- In MENUAPP, we do not offer shared or private hosting solutions at all, and the customer bears all his operating fees without assuming any responsibility for us.

7- The customer has the right to demand cancellation of the request and a refund of the amount only within 14 days from the date of subscription and implementation of the request in the event that there is a problem from MENUAPP only, and we do not bear any of the financial fees incurred in the transfer that the bank calculates, whether it is an internal transfer or Internationally, after 14 days from the date of execution of the request, the customer is not entitled to demand the cancellation of the request or the service to be performed and the return of the amount.

8- MENUAPP has the right to cancel the contract with the customer and stop the service at any time and without explaining the reasons, and we are committed in MENUAPP to return all the remaining financial rights of the customer, in the event that the reason for the cancellation is not one of the prohibited activities (mentioned below). In the event that the reason for the cancellation is one of the prohibited activities, we have the full right not to return any financial rights to the customer.

9- All operations of returning the customer’s financial rights are done through the same payment method that the customer used when paying the bill, and a ticket must be opened for the Finance Department with all the details.

10- Financial refunds take place within 48 hours of the customer’s request and are received within a period of 5 to 15 days, depending on the method by which payment was made and its return policies.

11- Just as we care about our customers and always want the best for them, MENUAPP also has the right to change any clause or article of this agreement at any time it sees it, and it is assumed that the customer is always aware of these changes even if he did not receive any alert.

12- The customer is not entitled to defame, abuse or insult the employees or their administrators, and instead the customer has the right to go to the competent authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to file his complaint, bearing in mind that the attempt to defame, defame or abuse in any way whatsoever, gives the full right to cancel the contract and refuse to submit Any service whatsoever for the customer, with stopping the service and not operating it except by order of the court and after the issuance of an order stipulating that.

13- MENUAPP has the right to amend the usage policy in accordance with the work mechanisms internally at any time and without referring to the customer, and the customer must review the usage policy periodically, bearing in mind that we notify all customers of any new amendment that is applied through our portal and e-mail.